what PEOPLE are saying...

"Amelia is an inspiring vocal teacher who expertly instructs students from beginner through to Higher School Certificate level. Whether Amelia is working with a choir of 30 voices, a trio or an individual, she brings her expertise to each project and produces outstanding and entertaining performances. In a few short years, Amelia has grown a fledgling vocal ensemble into an eisteddfod winning, thriving and vibrant vocal program, incorporating numerous auditioned and non-auditioned choirs. We love her!"

- Ms Susan Capper, Head of Music at Katoomba High School

"I have been learning with Amelia for almost four years, and in that time I have not only learned new styles, skills, songs, low and high notes, but I've learned a passion and respect for music that I think very few are gifted with. Amelia teaches with joy and vivacity, undying commitment, and a love of music and of her students that is honestly a blessing" 
Axel-Nathaniel, student

"Amelia is an amazing vocal coach that I couldn't ask for more of! If you're looking to expand your vocal horizons, I would highly recommend you have lessons with Amelia! I started off only looking to expand my backing vocals as I was a guitarist in a band and Amelia has helped me find and work on a voice for my own lead vocals as well as develop confidence in singing which is something I thought I'd never be able to do!"
- Dave Henninger, student

"I began lessons with Amelia Nell at the beginning of year 12, in this year Amelia has provided guidance, support and inspiration. I was able to learn a great amount of information and tips and tricks that have helped me grow as a singer. It was incredibly easy to connect with Amelia, as she is incredibly friendly and supportive, in turn I felt like I was able to learn more from her. She has an amazing teaching style that I really felt comfortable with. Amelia played a great hand in helping me reach my goals for the HSC results, and my acceptance into university. Without her incredible teaching skills and support I would not be where I want to be in my life, and I'm incredibly grateful."
- Georgia, student



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